The candy holiday toll on teeth and how to safeguard!

Every Fall season in Vancouver, children are just itching to trick or treat. The goal is always the same, obtain and consume as much Halloween candy as possible. We barely have a break from sugar holidays in November with late December’s array of candy canes and other holiday treats.

As parents, this is an important time for us to be diligent with ensuring our children are keeping their teeth clean and monitoring their daily intake of sugar (the little devils sneak candy when you aren’t looking). Though all sugar has a negative impact on dental health, some candies do more damage than others. The stickier candies tend to stick in the grooves of teeth and hard candies create acid and cause plaque build up. When giving children candies, try pairing them with meals so that the sugar does not sit on the teeth as long and thus cause less damage.

It’s always recommended to limit the amount of candy children are permitted to eat or keep.

Dental care and regular check ups are definitely recommended this time of year due to the increase in sugar intake. Post Halloween and pre-December Holidays may be the perfect time to schedule a dental cleaning.

Let’s try starting the New Year cavity free!


Schedule a dental cleaning after the Christmas holidays.

Remember to floss and brush your children’s teeth before bed to prevent tooth decay and schedule a dental cleaning after the Christmas holidays.