Dental Rehabilitation – Extreme Smile Makeover

There is nothing better for a dental team than to drastically alter the oral health of one of our patients (we will refer to him as John). For John, we recently completed a series of oral surgeries and cosmetic dental procedures to provide a full dental rehabilitation and an extreme smile makeover. John came to … Continued

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We use Platelet Rich Fibrin shown here to promote healing and growth after dental surgery

Platelet Rich Fibrin and Dental Implant Surgery

Even though it looks like a slug, this is your body’s best friend. Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is an innovative technique for accelerating the healing process of almost any surgical site. The procedure itself has been used in a number of high profile cases: Tiger Woods and Rafa Nadal notably, for infamous knee injuries. Depending … Continued

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dental implant pricing

Dental implant pricing

Dental implants are a type of cosmetic dentistry used to replace missing or broken teeth. The implant consists of a small metal plate, which permanently anchors the specially designed replacement tooth onto the patient’s bone. There are many different types of dental implants, and the best option for the patient is chosen during a thorough examination by a … Continued

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Types of Dental Implants

A dental implant is used to replace a missing tooth and recreate the appearance of a natural and confident smile. By anchoring a metal plate underneath the gum tissue, artificial teeth can then be fastened and secured in place. Whether from infection, bone loss, or just bad genetics, there are many reasons that patients require … Continued

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Dental implants: get the confidence to smile again

I often have patients lose a tooth for one reason or another. Sometimes it is bone loss, an infection, a broken tooth or simply bad genetics. Once you lose a tooth, the immediate solution is to replace it, especially if it is a front tooth. But what happens when you lose a tooth that is not visible when you smile? The tendency is generally to ignore it.

However, any missing tooth can have a negative impact on your quality of life, as well as dental and oral health. Did you know that when we chew, a healthy tooth strengthens the quality of the jawbone and helps prevent bone loss?

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