Dental Rehabilitation – Extreme Smile Makeover

There is nothing better for a dental team than to drastically alter the oral health of one of our patients (we will refer to him as John). For John, we recently completed a series of oral surgeries and cosmetic dental procedures to provide a full dental rehabilitation and an extreme smile makeover.

John came to us in a position where he was already missing 3 teeth, but on top of that, was experiencing significant oral discomfort including jaw pain and extreme tooth sensitivity.

His main goal was to get our recommendation on how to best replace his missing teeth and dramatically improve the appearance of his smile (overall whiter and straighter teeth), without lengthy orthodontic treatment.


Path to Dental Rehabilitation: Three Oral Surgeries

Extreme Smile Makeover | Before shotOral Surgery 1: Wisdom Teeth Removal

After careful examination, we discovered that we first needed to address a major source of discomfort which was three troublesome wisdom teeth.




root-canal-treatmentOral Surgery 2: Root Canal Treatment

After John recovered from wisdom teeth surgery, we addressed the source of John’s extreme tooth sensitivity – three abscessed teeth. We performed root canals on each of the three troubled teeth.




dental rehabilitation after shot / extreme smile makeover

Oral Surgery 3: Dental Implants

After discussing various treatment options with John, we agreed that the best option for his long-term oral health and well being was to replace the three missing teeth with three dental implants. After allowing the implants to integrate, we restored the remaining teeth and gave him a comfortable bite.



Extreme Smile Makeover After shotExtreme Smile Makeover: Full Mouth Cosmetic Dental Treatment

The final step in his dental rehabilitation was cosmetic treatment. In order to cover discolouration, gaps, or inconsistencies in size or shape, we applied dental veneers – very thin slices of ceramic – onto the front of his teeth. The veneers were custom-made for John to ensure that they looked and felt natural. They improved the integrity of John’s teeth and gave him the extreme smile makeover he was looking for: whiter and straighter teeth and an overall stunning smile.

Needless to say, John was very thankful for the care we provided and was over the moon with the final result! Not every case is as extreme as John’s. If you are wanting to improve your oral health and smile, call us at (604) 222-1299 to make an appointment and find out more about your options.

Dr. Harry Sangha is a Vancouver dentist who is passionate about helping patients of all ages. You can learn more about his credentials and his contribution to the dental community as an instructor at the Frontier Dental Institute website.